Can using CVS Solaris sparc from windows client - very urgent


EJB programming & troubleshooting: Can using CVS Solaris sparc from windows client - very urgent

  1. Hi all,

    Any one have worked with solaris, pls shared your experince!

    My problem is I want to use Sun solaris sparc as an Application server & CVS server. How can using this CVS server from Jbuilder4 installed on Windows machine.

    Looking for your help!

    R. A
  2. Strange question for an EJB forum, but never mind.

    You have several options to access CVS on a UNIX box from NT (I assume we're talking about the source code control system here? If not, stop reading now! :-))

    1) Make the directory available as an NT share, using Samba. You need to know how to set up Samba and you need to map NT users to UNIX ones and get group permissions right etc etc etc.

    2) Set up CVS in pserver mode. You need root access to the Solaris box to do that, but it isn't hard, it's just a new service for inetd.

    3) Use rsh. I would avoid this, the NT rsh tools are naff and they screw up CR/LF all over the place so CVS will always think your files have changed.

    The CVS website is pretty good at explaining all this. Take a look.

    One thing to note. If I were you I would set up either WinCVS (If you are a GUI fan) or the CVS environment variables, if you are a big command line fan to use UNIX line termination. Any decent NT editor can handle that, and your files will look nice in vi that way too. :-)

    I recently had to design and install a CVS system for a client and we took the Samba route since their sysadmins understood samba but were not very clued up on inetd (Bit worrying that, but never mind!)

    No idea what the integration is like between CVS and JBuilder. But hey, since CVS uses optimistic concurrency you don't have to check files out, just start editing them. You only need WinCVS to check them in! :-)

    Hope that helps. If you got this far then I didn't misinterpret your question! :-)