Alachisoft Releases NWebCache:An ASP.NET Clustered content cache


News: Alachisoft Releases NWebCache:An ASP.NET Clustered content cache

  1. NWebCache caches the output of dynamic pages and keeps them synchronized with the database changes through database dependencies. NWebCache also provides session based content caching where it allows multiple sessions to share the same cached content or it caches content separately for each session. NWebCache caches almost all types of responses including ASP.NET output, ViewState, HTML, images, scripting files, PDFs etc. Any HTTP/HTTPS traffic that wants to connect to the web servers has to go through NWebCache servers that exist as a cluster of web cache proxies. This not only reduces the load on your web farm tremendously but it also makes ASP.NET applications faster, more reliable and scalable. For a detailed list of product features please visit: NWebCache info and features You can download the product for a 60 day trial from here: Download NWebCache
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    I'm gonna sound like a jerk for saying this, but can we ban Alachisoft from TSS? The reason I say this is they stole copyrighted material from tangosol as this old thread shows Any company with such questionable behavior shouldn't be tolerated. It's one thing to be inspired by competitor, it's another to out right steel. peter
  3. I thought this was a Java forum. Has M$ infiltrated TSS?