Hi there, I am trying to use deployment plan to configure an EJB deployment app for various environments. In my EJB I have the following annotation: * @ejb.env-entry * name="dataSource" * type="java.lang.String" * value="default" which generates the following entry in ejb-jar.xml (xdoclet): dataSource java.lang.String <![CDATA[default]]> I created deplyment plan - plan.xml - to override the default value as follows: dataSource somevalue and futher on: ejb-jar META-INF/ejb-jar.xml dataSource /ejb-jar/enterprise-beans/session/env-entry/[env-entry-name="dataSource"]/env-entry-value When I deployed the app and the plan this seems not working. Namely, I do not see any dependencies on the Weblogic console for my deployed EJB that I can update. What may be wrong here? Regards, Boris