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    i recently downloaded J2EE and tryed to run the server by typing j2ee at the prompt. it doesnot work. i updated my autoexec.bat for the environment variables asked for by the J2ee specification. IS it, that it needs NT machine ?
    does it not work on windows 98 or 2000.

    Please let me know if anybody has any idea regarding this.

  2. It is working fine in windows2000.please check your setenv.cmd file where u give java_home to locate exact directory of Jdk.I hope iam correct in this regard
  3. Hi Saravana,

    I could not locate setenv.cmd file.
    I have to create this file ?
    where do i store this file ?

    I have every thing in the Autoexec.bat file as given below.

     The location of the J2SETM SDK installation.
     The location of the J2EETM SDK installation.
     The location of the ant installation.
     Should include the bin directory of the J2EE SDK
     installation and the ant installation.
    When i type "ant" it works fine and creates the build also.
    but when i type j2ee, it says "bad command or file name"
    even if i execute from the same directory(\bin) where j2ee is located, i get the same error.

    I am able to work on j2ee on NT machine in the office.
    But at home i have windows 2000 and it does not work.

    Please let me know what setting you have done in your machine.

    Thanks sandip

  4. Hai sandip
    setenv.cmd comes with application.no need to create it.i do know exactly where it is check out it in console directory exactly i do know.once u find the setenv.cmd point ur j2ee_home and all other stuffs point to exact directory.just save it and run the command setenv and try to run ur server i hope this should work out.
  5. hi,

    i checked setenv.cmd.
    no such file is existing.
    My computer has Microsoft Windows Me 4.90.3000.

    I created one file with .cmd extension
    and executed at the Dos prompt.
    The file is not executed as the .bat file does.

    Can you please send the settings you have in your machine?

  6. hai sandip
              Sorry for my late reply.actually the file u looking for setenv.bat it is bin directory there u give set j2ee_home=j2sdk directory and set java_home = directory
    u can run setenv promt from here.then type j2ee -verbose
    after setting all these server should start up