TheServerSide Java Symposium Call for Papers is Open


News: TheServerSide Java Symposium Call for Papers is Open

  1. TheServerSide Java Symposium (TSSJS), a community event focusing on current and emerging technologies in the Enterprise Java space, has opened its call for presentations for TSSJS Vegas 2010. TSSJS Vegas takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on Wednesday-Friday, March 17-19, 2010. TSSJS’s mission is to advance the Enterprise Java platform, propagate industry-wide best practices, and provide a forum for the Java community to engage in forward-thinking discussions. The Symposium is a gathering place for thought leaders and innovators to examine the next generation of Java technologies as well as to provide instructive guidance on popular frameworks, tools and methodologies being used today and in the immediate future by enterprise Java developers, architects and technical team leads. We are accepting proposals in the following areas: 1. Tracks and Topics We are looking for presentations that will be relevant and exciting to Java developers. Successful case study proposals will be technical presentations that address today’s challenges with pragmatic, proven solutions - projects that are unique, innovative and architecturally-focused will be given preference. Hard-hitting topics based on your own experience are your best bet. TSSJS is a conference by developers for developers, so please – no fluff, self-promotion, or sales pitches. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this. Presentations will be 60 minutes including Q & A. The 2010 TSSJS Europe will include sessions in four areas: • Frameworks – Easing Development Pains • Architectures and SOA – Starting Off Right • Language – Pushing the Java Envelope • Cloud – What Does It Mean to Developers? • Tools and techniques – Getting the Job Done Within these categories, we are looking for proposals that do one or more of the following: • State of the art • Problem/solution • Tips and tricks • Getting started 2. Fireside Chats – Formerly called Birds of a Feather (BOFs) We have a limited number of fireside chats, scheduled for 60 minutes. The goal of the Fireside Chats is to provide attendees quality time with experts in an informal discussion group as a forum for learning and exchanging technical information and experiences. The Fireside chats will not include slides, as traditional presentations are not allowed here. Discussion leaders will kickstart the discussion and guide the group though issues/challenges/pain-points. Successful Fireside Chat topic proposals will be about current or emerging Java technologies that architects and developers just can’t get enough of or just can’t get a handle on. A good discussion leader is someone comfortable with moderating group discussions, who has in-depth technical knowledge of the topic, and is able to assess problems/challenges presented and provide answers, tips, tricks and solutions. About the audience: TSSJS will consist of a somewhat multinational audience of senior developers, developers, architects, technical team leads/project leads working primarily on enterprise Java projects. Many attendees are usually regular readers of Most attendees have 5 plus years of experience. What we are looking for in a speaker: We are looking for expert end-users, developers & architects from the community, and trainers/educators. You do not have to be a professional, polished speaker, but an understanding of public speaking, creating effective presentations and demonstration skills are required. All of our sessions are presented in English, so the speaker should be able to communicate technical concepts in that language. What’s in it for you: All speakers will receive a complimentary non-transferable pass to the event. You will be able to attend the whole conference and also benefit from content presented by others, and gain unprecedented networking opportunities. In addition to the recognition and respect of your peers as an expert in the area, we can provide some assistance with travel and lodging for speaker unaffiliated with vendors. Due to a limited budget for speaker travel assistance, preference will be given to speakers based in the United States. Speaker Reimbursements For speakers who are affiliated with a commercial vendor, travel and accommodations costs will be at their own expense, or at the expense of their employer. For speakers who are unaffiliated with a commercial vendor, we will provide with airfare up to $400 and 2 hotel nights at the conference hotel. What to submit: - Your bio: 100 words or less with information that ties your presentation to your area of expertise - Your photo: jpeg file preferred - A Proposals Form Only complete proposals in the template will be reviewed. How to submit your proposal: Download the proposal template (Word doc) and send your proposal with bio to cfptheserverside at techtarget dot com Deadline: Latest date to submit proposals: Monday, September 28, 2009 After we receive your proposal: We will acknowledge receipt of your proposal within two business days. We will review and evaluate your proposal not only for its individual merit but in comparison with other proposals. Please understand that this review process takes some time but we will be sure to get back to you to inform you whether or not your proposal has been accepted. TheServerSide Java Symposium Call for Proposals Submission Form Speaker Information Name: Company Name: Email Address: City/State/Country: Website: Track Category Session Format ___Frameworks ___State of the Art ___60 minutes ___Architecture and SOA ___Problem/Solution ___Fireside Chats ___Languages ___Tips and Tricks ___Tools and Techniques ___Getting Started ___Cloud Session titles and descriptions are posted on the Web site and used in marketing materials so attendees know what to expect from your session. This should remain consistent with what you will deliver at the conference. We can change things along the way, as necessary. Just let us know in advance. 1. Session title: 2. Session description: 3. What problem(s)/challenge(s) will an attendee learn to solve by attending your session? 4. What are you addressing that represents or indicates a new or emerging trend? And why do attendees need to be aware of this information TODAY? 5. What will attendees learn by attending your session? Please list 3-4 attendee takeaways. (In this session you will learn; attend and learn how to; after attending this session you will be able to) 6. Who should attend your session? (please indicate by job title or by years of experience or level of the session) 7. What basics should attendees know before attending your session? This may exclude some attendees, so try to be as inclusive as possible. 8. Describe the format of the presentation (case study, presentation with real world examples, hands on, step by step instructions, problem-solving session where attendees bring questions) Please email the completed form with your bio and photo to cfptheserverside at techtarget dot com Deadline is Monday, September 28, 2009.
  2. Is this TSS Europe or las vegas? Seems a bit weird to ask for papers 7 months ahead of time for a March LV one...
  3. Is this TSS Europe or las vegas? Seems a bit weird to ask for papers 7 months ahead of time for a March LV one...
    This is for Vegas. Cheers, Richard L. Burton III
  4. Hi Bill - Richard is correct, this is for Vegas. What attracts attendees is the quality of the technical content, so we have to have that in place first. There is always room for late-breaking technologies, trends, and announcements, but we have to have the technical program substantially in place before Thanksgiving so that people can determine if the technical content meets their needs. And I hope it goes without saying that if anyone has any ideas in general for the technical program, please post them or contact me directly.
  5. I'll submit my proposals later today. :o) I have a few idea's that I would like to share as well with you. Hope things are going well! Richard L. Burton III
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    Hello Peter.
    It says to download the template (Word Doc), but there is link to download that. Where can I get it?
    William Martinez Pomares.
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