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    Hi All, I need to develop A Bread Crumb functionality in our web application and as the Application itself is in Java (Struts2 FrameWork) so need to create a Bread Crumb functionality using Java. i am new to this concept of Bread Crumb so not sure where to start and this is the best place to get some direction.if any one have Prior Experience in this please share info with me where can i start is there any reading available for this. We need to develop this functionality for fresh new, so we will not go for any third party solution. If any one have knowledge of third party API or plug in for Bread Crumb(Prefereebly in Open Source),please do share with me so that we can get an idea about it. Hope to get some light on this topic. Thanks umesh
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    There is a Breadcrumb component implemented and available with apache licence on

    You can take some ideas for implementation there. Also try out showcase of breadcrumb on

    Hope it will be helpful for you.