Skyway Builder CE 6.3, code generator for Spring, released


News: Skyway Builder CE 6.3, code generator for Spring, released

  1. Skyway Software announces the general availability (GA) of Skyway Builder Community Edition (CE) 6.3, an open source, code generator for the Spring Framework. Version 6.3 of Skyway Builder CE is available for immediate download. This major release of Skyway Builder CE includes: - Enhanced Spring MVC scaffolding capabilities for generating Spring-based, Java CRUD applications from new or pre-existing domain models - Updated Spring DSL for improved package parity between Spring DSL and Spring/Java code - Enhanced code generation customization for generating Spring MVC and Spring Web Flow solutions that adhere to your own coding standards - Enhanced graphical Spring Web Flow editor, including usability improvements and better integration with Spring DSL - Enhanced Spring code generation tags for use with JET templates - Improved documentation, tutorials and sample projects - Over 400 bug fixes and enhancements Skyway Builder Enterprise Edition (EE) 6.3, the commercial edition of Skyway Builder, is also now GA and is available for test drive. New commercial features in Skyway Builder EE include: - Integration with IBM Rational Software Architect 7.5.2 to transform UML into working Spring applications - DWR (JavaScript/JSON) support for accelerating RIA development using Spring services - Support for project-level customization of code generation templates using JET For more information, visit
  2. Is anyone using Skyway Builder and, if so, what's your opinion of it? Thanks in advance for your feedback, Tom