eXo Platform Extends JBoss GateIn with ECM and Collaboration


News: eXo Platform Extends JBoss GateIn with ECM and Collaboration

  1. eXo built its applications to plug into its portal technology, which now comprises a significant portion of the GateIn code base. Earlier this year, eXo and Red Hat merged their open source portal development efforts, with GateIn the first major deliverable to be unveiled. Given this pedigree, eXo’s application modules are inherently optimized for GateIn and will be tightly integrated with the roadmap. "Red Hat has proven time and again that it knows how to commercialize open source for the enterprise market. With GateIn, the foundation has been laid for another game changing enterprise solution for a portal infrastructure market underserved by open source," said Benjamin Mestrallet, CEO of eXo Platform. "We're pleased to have partnered with Red Hat in the creation of GateIn, and we intend to ensure that our eXo stack will support and align with Red Hat’s enterprise portal strategy in future." "Red Hat is very pleased with the progress of GateIn and our collaboration with eXo," said Stephen Hess, Sr. Director of Product Management, JBoss. "We are also excited that eXo is deepening their commitment to the project and JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform by certifying their other products with GateIn. We believe that this news will provide enterprise customers more options and sets a new standard for value in the very competitive portal marketplace." The eXo stack is an integrated suite of enterprise content management, document management, and collaboration applications that enable people to work smarter and more effectively across business, technical, and operational functions. Built in partnership with eXo customers and partners, the eXo stack is both modular, so customers can use as little or as much of the stack as they need, and integrated, so whatever combination customers choose works out of the box. GateIn on JBoss.org: http://www.jboss.org/gatein/ For a GateIn video demonstration: http://blog.exoplatform.org/2009/09/05/gatein-3-0-beta-the-first-video/ To try out eXo applications on the newly released GateIn beta, go to http://www.exoplatform.com. For more information about the eXo and JBoss collaboration, visit http://www.exoplatform.com/portal/public/website/aboutUS/eXoJBossPartnership.
  2. This portal framework seems to be very clean. As oppose to Liferay, which has a very large code base with heavy APIs. But, now we're getting into the open source "lock in" reality, so, how much of GateIn is really "standard" compliant? Could I use Glassfish JEE server with GateIn without jumping through hoops?