Deciphering Microsoft's .Net puzzle


News: Deciphering Microsoft's .Net puzzle

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    While Microsoft describes .Net as software that lives on the Internet instead of coming in shrink-wrapped packages, the year-old strategy still has IT executives scratching their heads as they try to figure out what the slew of .Net marketing lingo, standards and products will mean to their enterprise networks.

    Deciphering Microsoft's .Net puzzle.

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    Development will be easier.
  3. Hi all,

    The article looks vey encouraging for the microsoft supporters. Anything is done by SUN like this for their ONE web services model.

  4. What does that article have to do with 'server side programming' in Java?
  5. .Net might be Microsoft's answer to Java and J2EE technologies but when you get right down to it you are stuck with their tools, OSs, APIs and all the interoperability problems that come with developing against the Windows platform.

    I used to be heavily into writing those types of applications using VB, VC++ and was constantly frustrated with problems that were beyond my control. With Java I don't see that as much even though it is relatively still a 'new' language and environment. It's also supported by more than one OS, IDE and company so if you're not happy with the way one IDE works you can always switch to another with relatively few changes to your source. Try that when it comes to compiling VC++ source with say a Borland C++ compiler.

    I also like the way you can run it on just about any platform or OS provided the JVM supports the API you have targeted.

    These are some of the main reasons that I'm now hooked on Java and wouldn't want to take a step back...

  6. .NET will not succeed if it remains Windows focused.. and I think it will be. How do you think M$ will justify spending so much to maintain the Windows developer inertia and allow other platforms to cash in and break that stranglehold.

    J2EE while great is hardly the best thing since sliced bread. But nevertherless it is bound to succeed due to the vendor interoperability it provides. The fact that you're not tied to one implementation is enough to make a strange case. Remember in any tech related business you've got to consider the possiblity of growth so you must afford your system some form of scalability - which would cost a lot if you were down with .NET.

    M$oft has to get one thing into their seemingly thick heads - its about the Customer Choice stupid !. Forward integration and vendor lock-in is sooo 1990's - we're not in Kansass anymore - the WEB is the platform and the platform is the WEB.

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    Ha... I love it. How true - I see windows eventually becoming the "dumb terminal" of GUI's. Basically, you run it in order to connect to real machines using a browser... cya