Vaadin 6.1 goes to Maven and adds Google App Engine support


News: Vaadin 6.1 goes to Maven and adds Google App Engine support

  1. It is now easy for Maven users to enhance their web projects with better user interfaces. The latest 6.1 version of the Vaadin Java web library is now available also for Maven users via the Maven central repository. Another great addition is the support for Google App Engine. This means that you can deploy your Vaadin applications in Google App Engine directly. Build and deploy your applications with Eclipse using the Vaadin plugin for Eclipse. In addition to these new features the 6.1.0 version of Vaadin contains client-side and server-side performance optimizations. For more information, please take a look at the official release notes. Download: Vaadin: Google App Engine: Maven:

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  2. Really impressed[ Go to top ]

    I really enjoy your big effort to make this framework available to the public under the Apache License. I must say that probably this is not my cup of tea, because I think that web applications should be simple, with additional features added through non obtrusive Javascript. Anyway your job is great! Essentially I like the fact that, unlike plain GWT, it works in the server. IMHO it is definitely a better option than the license-doomed ZK project.
  3. I'm using Vaadin since June 2009 (3 months) to replace a Struts 2 / JSP front-end (that started to be cluttered with JavaScript / AJAX / Mootools). It's soooooo much more simple to get rich UI with Vaadin. I only see Java code. No more html, no more xml, no more JavaScript, no more DOM manipulations. Just old plain understandable typed Java in Eclipse. When I debug, I just follow the Java execution flow. It may seems boring, but so productive for lazy programmers like me. And the size of my backlog discourages any envy I could have to do rocket science. Last week, I had to write do a custom component for a special need with GWT. But again, GWT was just old stupid java for me, as a programmer. The only html I've seen was in Firebug, when tuning the CSS. And for any problem I had, I received fast and accurate answers on their forum. And the sum of the problems (which I admit was non null, look at my threads on their forum) and time needed to learn the technology have been peanuts compared to my productivity gain. If I had to make a comparison, it's like moving from JDBC to JPA. I feel as productive as if I was writing a usual non web application. More on soon ;-)
  4. Comparison with ZK ?[ Go to top ]

    I really like ZK for the moment. Could someone give me a fair comparison of Vaadin and ZK please ? I especially like ZK's ZUML language and their IDE Eclipse drag and drop editor. Thanks Gilles