Domain Driven Design (DDD) Framework - JavAte is released.


News: Domain Driven Design (DDD) Framework - JavAte is released.

  1. JavATE, the Java Application Tiered Engine is a set of Java libraries that enables application development using the domain driven methodology. JavATE is not a web-framework itself because it is based on existing frameworks like ZK . And it is not only related to web-applications, you can use it to develop desktop applications and web-services and ... JavATE is not a Object-Relational-Mapping tool itself because it is based on existing ORM technologies like Hibernate (already) or JPA (not yet implemented). And you can use it to develop applications that are backed by LDAP directories and JCR repositories and ... JavATE is a sort of glue between all these technologies! Look at this example for a hands-on introduction to the basic features of the framework. The core of JavATE is composed of the following building blocks: Dominate, for domain modeling Applicate, for application services Guidate, for graphical user interfaces Related Articles, ZK and JavATE

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    Haven't you learned from the JavaRebel name debacle that you are not allowed to use "java" in the product name? Case does not matter.
  3. domain driven design using a tool.... !!! there goes my project down the drain. People cant do proper domain model design and on top of that now you have a tool to make it even more confusing ! sorry !! sounds aweful!
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    I am not too familiar with DDD and would have loved to see some more structured arguments pro/against. Common guys is this idea really so much far fetched?? Or is there some value regarding DDD in here?
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    Hi Faizal The main value of JavATE is that it gives you standard interfaces and implementations for DDD building blocks so you can focus on your strategic design instead of reinventing the wheel of the building blocks each time
  6. check also out domian[ Go to top ]

    Domian a Java implementation of the Evans/Fowler Specifications pattern. Also, Domian includes specification-based API versions of well-known Domain-Driven Design (DDD) concepts, like Entity, Factory, and Repository. Domian is compact, simple, and embraces fluent interfaces.