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    These iphone apps are deployed online so you can test them with your iphone or any other webkit based mobile web browser. Additionally here's a screencast explaining how these apps can be created with a couple of steps.

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    What is the differentiators of this framework than any other web application. I think if you focus on that it will be easy for me to analyze the value addition. Is it compatible with JSF2?
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    So these are just regular JSF apps with the iPhone native look and feel?
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    How does this compare to Appcelerator Titanium or Adobe Air for Webkit deployment on mobile devices? I love the whole Webkit deployment idea. We built the next generation of TestMaker using Ajax, Titanium, jQuery, Extjs, and JavaScript code. The resulting project is available for download as a desktop application at: The source code is at: And a screencast on how we built the Editor is at: -Frank