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    XDepend provides you with tools to extract, visualize, seek and control the structure and the quality of your applications and frameworks. http://www.xdepend.com Trial for windows : http://www.xdepend.com/trials/new * Extract: XDepend analyses your java byte code, your test reports and your source files to extract structural information and 82 base metrics via static analysis. * Visualize: XDepend provides complementary and interactive views on the same information. A Tree-Map view helps you easily identify the big one from the small one. The dependency matrix, the graph view and the detailed view help you gain insight in your code base. * Seek: Code Query Language (CQL) is a specific XDepend language, very similar to SQL, that helps you dynamically find what you are looking for. The following query returns the methods that have been modified between two versions, and that have not been fully tested. * Control: CQL rules are added to your project, or may be directly defined in your source code using specific annotations, and checked at every analysis. XDepend analysis can also be integrated with your favorite continuous integration tool. XDepend Team
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