Need advice about selecting technology stack for a new project


Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: Need advice about selecting technology stack for a new project

  1. We're going to start a new project and I need your advice regard selecting the best technology stack that suites our project, it is not a small project, the project development time can take 2+ years, the project will consist of modules that will be developed individually I can explain any other info if needed Thanks
  2. The amount of time you intend to devote to the project is certainly an important factor but it is not sufficient. What kind of project is this? How many requests do you expect to serve per day? Of those, how many transactions and how many searches? Also, what kind of technology are you asking for? Individual considerations must be taken for UI, Middle Tier and Database. Additional considerations must be taken for your development environment, such as IDEs, issue tracking tools, version management tools etc. You definitely need to provide more information about your project. Sergei. Java Development on Demand
  3. the project is about developing a Hospital Information System, the system consists of modules that deals with: registration, emergency patient, in-patient, out-patient, pharmacy, radiology,...etc the system is already developed in two versions: a .NET & Oracle versions, a new Java version is going to be developed. The database used for all versions is Oracle DB. Regarding the middle tier: We've experience using ADF Business Components in another project but we're considering replacing it EJB 3.0 or SPRING. Regarding the presentation tier: In our last project we used JSPs that used JavaScript, Yahoo UI, AJAX and I think it was tedious although it should a good performance over using component based frameworks like JSF
  4. To choose a stack, look at what you enjoy doing. For example, if you absolutely cannot live in Windows, you should not torture yourself and your friends by sticking with it. When you are in a comfortable environment, the rest is easy. Learning how to do some specific thing by some specific tool is the easiest thing in IT world, right :D? Then, to stick with your stack, only let those who share your choice be in your team. I once was accepted into a Microsoft oriented team, and it was a miserable experience. Whenever we had discussion, I realized after a while that I was lamenting about some "stupid features" (I just got used with Linux stuffs), and made others feel really bad. Furthermore, my opinions also diverted our attention from the project into the technology used, which further decreased the miserable productivity I contributed (remember, Linux advocate in Visual Studio is not THAT productive). Therefore, don't let people like me into your Windows team, nor should you let Windows/Microsoft people into your LAMP team. [URL=]Mengembalikan Jati Diri Bangsa[/URL]| [URL=]Kenali Dan Kunjungi Objek Wisata Di Pandeglang[/URL]