"If a region is selected, how can the cities in the region become available automatically?" "If I select a father field in a cell, can the subfield list of it appears in another cell automatically?" These are common questions while creating reports. The answer is "Yes". RAQ Report provides a function called association filtering for these requirements. It is very useful in web report's data input and inquiry. Moreover, for web report's data input and inquiry, RAQ Report provides another wonderful function called dynamic filtering. With it, when users input a single letter or several letters in a cell, only the fields match former letters will be available. For example, in a cell of web input report, beck, billy, dunne, and peter are available. If we input a b, then, only beck and billy will be available. Moreover, it is very easy to realize these two wonderful function with RAQ Report. For specific operations, please refer to http://www.raqsoft.com/.