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    The OW2 consortium has just announced the availability of JOnAS 5.1.0. To help peoples discover JOnAS (or rediscover it since some time passed without major version) , an article describing JOnAS 5.1 novelties has been provided. This release is Java EE 5 certified and provides you the best (and most stable at this time) release of JOnAS 5. Since JOnAS 5.0, the major component dependencies (EasyBeans, Tomcat, Jetty, Joram, CXF, Hibernate, EclipseLink, ...) have been upgraded to include the latest bug fixes, a lot of issues have been resolved and a particular attention was paid to the new administration web console's user experience. These last months were completely dedicated to the stabilization of our Java EE platform, testing it extensively with multiple OSes and different JVMs in order to guarantee as much as possible a steady release. Key features of JOnAS 5.1 discussed in the article: Discover all other features on http://jonas.ow2.org

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    Congratulations on the release I will absolutely check it out Georges Goebel
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    Quite interesting offering. I have been using JOnAS in the past on some of my previous projects and overall had been very happy with it. Lack of Java EE 5 support prevented me from using JOnAS again on my current projects (which are Jboss AS based now), but I will most definitely give this a try for my next projects. Congratz with the release and keep up the good work!
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    Well, it looks like the beginning of the end of EAR as the single deployment solution available. Unfortunately, there are more and more JavaEE servers supporting OSGi out there, but so far the deployment of server-side apps on top of OSGi has not yet replaced EAR-based deployment (it looks like the OSGi EEG is still working on the first option). I hope OSGi-based deployment model to become as common as EAR-based deployment model within the next months. Dominique http://www.jroller.com/dmdevito
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    Well, JOnAS will go under even more spotlight, when (and if) Oracle decided to kill Glassfish. JBoss is already under the spotlight!