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News: iPlanet improves J2EE developer offering

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    iPlanet today announced new J2EE developer tools and resources. Included in the announcement are the iPlanet Developer Pack (an integrated bundling of existing J2EE components from various vendors like Compoze), an evaluation copy of iPlanet and a new-and-improved developer website.

    Read iPlanet adds to J2EE toolkit by Tom Sullivan.

    Check out developer.iplanet.com.

    Press Release:
    SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 17 /PRNewswire/ - iPlanet E-Commerce Solutions, a Sun-Netscape Alliance, today announced new developer tools and resources designed to reduce development cycles and simplify deployment of large-scale Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) applications. The collection of resources available to developers now includes the iPlanet Developer Pack, Enterprise Edition 6.0, a new Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) component library for the iPlanet Application Server platform, an evaluation edition of the iPlanet Application Server, and a web site for developers to learn, share and exchange information related to industry-standard technologies and iPlanet products. This new offering provides developers with the tools, access to software and components needed to rapidly build and implement enterprise-class applications.

    "Developers are instrumental to the iPlanet strategy of providing a complete software platform for the delivery of next generation e-business applications," said Stuart Wells, senior vice president of products at iPlanet. "iPlanet is committing significant resources to its developer community, including a broad EJB component library that will dramatically accelerate the next wave of Internet computing, including J2EE, Extensible Markup Language (XML), Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)."

    In addition to offering critical products for improved developer productivity, iPlanet also provides developers with a community web site where they can network with one another and iPlanet engineers, share technical tips, gain early code access, and obtain technical content ranging from free Web-based training to application server sizing guides. iPlanet developer resources are available through the new iPlanet developer site at http://developer.iplanet.com. New developer resources now available, include:

    -- iPlanet Developer Pack The iPlanet Developer Pack, Enterprise Edition 6.0 improves developer
    productivity by combining a development license of the iPlanet Application Server, Forte for Java Internet Edition 2.0 trial software, WebGain Studio 4.1 trial software, and their respective optimized plug-in modules at a price of $1,295 per developer seat. This new offering allows developers to test, develop and deploy Java applications with leading Integrated Development Environments (IDEs).

    The developer pack will be available for purchase in late April, 2001.

    -- EJB Component Library To enable developers to take advantage of EJB component benefits, leading EJB component vendors, including ComponentSource, Compoze Software, Diamelle Technologies, Evergreen Internet, Flashline, and Omix, have teamed with iPlanet to provide customers with components that span a wide range of business functionality. With more than 120 components now running on the iPlanet Application Server, customers can now select from a wide range of powerful components, including those for order management, groupware and collaboration, catalog management, customer relationship management, and financial services.

    "By adhering to the EJB specification of the J2EE standard, Compoze is able to provide customers with the most advanced collaborative and community functionality for building eCRM applications while protecting against proprietary solution lock-in," said Jeff Sposetti, CEO of Compoze. "Compoze's EJB Components, coupled with the iPlanet Application Server, provide a superior environment for developing and deploying enterprise applications."

    -- Evaluation Version of iPlanet Application Server The test drive version of the iPlanet Application Server, Enterprise Edition provides developers a self-contained environment to build, test, deploy and evaluate J2EE applications on top of the iPlanet Application Server. This evaluation version contains an embedded database as well as a complete evaluator's guide with installation instructions, feature walkthrough and sample code, designed to promote a richer developer evaluation experience. The test drive edition of iPlanet Application Server software is immediately available for free download at http://developer.iplanet.com/testdrive.

    About iPlanet E-Commerce Solutions
    iPlanet E-Commerce Solutions a Sun-Netscape Alliance, was established in March 1999 by America Online, Inc. and Sun Microsystems, Inc. to power the next wave of the net economy through thought leadership, technical innovation, expert services and the creation of exceptional customer satisfaction. The iPlanet Platform is the industry's leading software environment designed to enable rapid assembly and deployment of scalable Internet services. Based on best-of-breed, open and proven technologies, the platform includes the world's #1 Messaging, Directory, Web and Application Servers. For more information, consult the iPlanet E-Commerce Solutions Web site at www.iplanet.com.

  2. $1300 and you only get a "Trial" edition of an IDE??? You've got to be kidding me. Doesn't BEA let you use WebLogic free for development?
  3. No, even BEA charges for developer seats. Only Orion and the open source application servers don't charge developer seat prices.
  4. Oracle doesn't charge for development, not even for the database, and Resin doesn't charge and there may be other comercial app server that we don't know of.

    Actually one of the reason why Oracle is so popular as a database vendors, is that for quite some time they provided developers will full featured versions of their software.

    However, if the price is true it is absolutely ridiculous.
  5. actually, you can download the app server w/nds in a bundle for free and a 60 day key. I still agree however with the general sentiment. I wish they would have had a developer license scheme like oracle and a lot sooner.
  6. IBM is going to offer WebSphere Techinical Edition(J2EE compliant) for free. We are expecting its public avaiable.
    It is natural to charge money on developer license. With the license, you should get the necessary technical support you desire.
  7. I guess that kind of calculation proved very wrong in practice.
    It is natural to charge for development things like IDEs.

    But what happens when you charge development fees for usual mammoth server software such as database servers and application servers ?

     Developers don't try that product unless they participate in a project that sponsors them.
    Thus the developer base cannot be easily grown.
       - Project managers have a hard time finding specialised developers
       - Developers don't trust the software and don't recommend it to upper management
       - The "support" that developers license buys is lousy anyway, if the software doesn't behave as per technial docs I'm not going to expect support guys to solve my problem.
        It is a bug in the software and should be solved by the vendor with a patch or release, and I should not pay money for it. They should be happy that I help them.
       - overall, the software has a handicap in adoption process

    On the other hand if you hand out development licenses you're not going to loose anything, since the lost revenue can be offset by higher cost of the production software (you can see that with Oracle DB) and by higher sales.

    Also, if I get a limited version of the software I'm not going to be that happy when the concurrence offers me full versions.

    I guess companies like BEAS and IBM are too confident in their marketing machines, while companies like Oracle seized the opportunity.
  8. Costin, I'm in whole-hearted agreement with you. Oracle's Technet is truly industry-leading... this developer license bunk is really frustrating.

    On the bright side, though, it's really good to finally be able to just *download* i-Planet. I think they were the only app server left that couldn't be downloaded for eval. Stuck in the 1980's I guess...
  9. iPlanet products including iPlanet Application Server have been available for download for some time now. The application server actually came with an eval copy that had a pre-configured database.
  10. No you don't just get a trail version. You pay $1300 for the developer copy of iPlanet Application Server. This is in line with industry standards. The only exception is Solaris. iAS and most iPlanet are free for development on Solaris.