Report developers often need to convert an Excel table to a web report, however, making the table again in a reporting tool is a great waste of time. Then, is there a method to realize this requirement easily? With RAQ Report, users can import Excel file as report template. In the design IDE, click Configure -> Import Excel, and select the Excel file to be saved to report in the dialog box. Then, click the Convert button to complete the transformation. With this function, Excel file can be converted to raq file easily. Then, users can open the raq file in report IDE. As we have successfully imported the Excel file as report format, we can edit and publish the former Excel file. Then, it is converted into a web report finally. P.S.:With RAQ Report, users can only import Excel files with the filename extension .xls. If you are using Excel2007, you have to change the filetype .xlsx to .xls.