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    HI, We have an j2ee based web application where currently the screens are static with heavy usage of JavaScript . we have a requirement where we would need to built the screens dynamically. Each screen denotes one table . Could anybody let me know any web based approach where we could create the screens dynamically. There are lots of calculation occurring in each fields using JavaScript . we need that all this need to be somehow generated dynamically by the admin user of the application who will have the capability to iinput all the details (formulas, calulations) etc by himself. Also how could we achive the db design for this approach. What type of architecture is best suitable for such a requirement where the screen itself can be added by the admin user of the aplication . The biggest challenge i think to how do we create such screens dynamically using some meta data approach and how do we represent such data Any help on this is highly appreciated
  2. My suggestion is to use GWT (Google Web Toolkit). Think about it, your code may be complicated when viewing it from a JavaScript point of view. But with GWT you are not coding in JavaScript you are coding in Java which is converted to JavaScript. That being said think of how you would right the application as a Swing application and you should have no problem writing it in GWT. The formulas could be managed by Java Rules Engine API (JSR 94) or another rules engine.
  3. Many thanks for your suggestions. but the biggest challenge for me is about the DB design . Can a relational approach work for such a requirement where each screen data is store in a table . Are there any other approaches ?