Urbancode's release of AnthillPro 3.7 is focused on bringing deep static analysis support to enterprise continuous integration. What is AnthillPro? Unlike most continuous integration tools that are focused on primarily on the build, AnthillPro is focused on the full lifecycle from build through release to production. First rate deployment automation, pipeline management and careful control of build artifacts make AnthillPro a system that can be shared by developers looking to get build feedback, QA, and production support teams. AnthillPro scales so that single server can be shared by thousands of developers spread across hundreds of project teams in the largest enterprises and supports teams developing on the JVM as well as those using .Net, C/C++, or other Platforms. Static Analysis: This new version of AnthillPro supports seven leading open source and commercial static analysis tools. The integrations with Fortify 360, Klocwork Insight, Coverity Prevent, CodeSonar, FindBugs, PMD, and Checkstyle enable more AnthillPro users to maximize their investment in static analysis by building quality and security into the application development lifecycle Plug-ins: Custom Integrations This release also adds a new plug-in API allowing users to write their own integrations with third-party tools (such as testing tools, SCMs, source-code analyzers, in-house, etc.). With plug-ins, users can create, customize, and rapidly update integrations. Going forward, most new integrations written by Urbancode will be implemented as plug-ins. New Command Line API AHPTool gives users the option to access AnthillPro features through the command line. User Impersonation Agent User Impersonation allows individual steps to be run as different operating system users. This allows system administrators to more finely control the security implications of a server - agent automation system. New Integrations New support for DB2 and PostgreSQL databases, and a new SCM integration with GIT. External Dependency Configurations AnthillPro has a robust system for managing dependencies between projects. Since 2001, these dependencies have been configured within the AnthillPro UI. New in version 3.7 is the option to define these relationships in XML files checked into source control with the project. Twitter Integration Hey, what can we say? It was fun and easy. Who doesn't want the build system to tweet an announcement when a new release goes live? Find out more about AnthillPro. Setup an Evaluation of AnthillPro to try it yourself. Check out our white paper on the 4 Elements of Enterprise CI. AnthillPro is commercially licensed to teams ranging from a handful of developers to enterprises with thousands of developers. Urbancode continues to support Open Source Software with complimentary licenses.