Container Managed Transactions in WebSphere 6.0


EJB programming & troubleshooting: Container Managed Transactions in WebSphere 6.0

  1. I have an EJB project running in WebSphere 6.0. I am using stateless session beans. The project is configured to use container managed transactions. I understand that transactions are required by default in EJBs, unless one specifies otherwise. That means that under usual circumstances when a business method is executed on a bean, the container starts a transaction. What happens in a business method that does not do an update, lets say it selects some information from the database and returns it? Does it still start a transaction and if so, Does it commit at the end of the method?
  2. Yes, a transaction is started be it reading or writing.
  3. Don't use the defaults[ Go to top ]

    For CRUD operations, I would use Tx.REQUIRED for Create, Updates, Deletes and Tx.SUPPORTS for Reads