Skyway Builder, the code generation and scaffolding tool for Spring web applications, is now available in a variety of open source and commercial editions. In conjunction with the release of Skyway Builder 6.3, the product has been modularized so that users can leverage the edition tailored to meet their Spring development needs. Key features of each edition include: - Community Edition: Spring MVC CRUD scaffolding, Spring Web Flow support, reverse engineering of DB schemas - Standard Edition: Commercial app server support, additional logic modeling steps, advanced web controls, Spring Security - Web Services Edition: DWR support, JAX-WS support, Contract First/Last Web Services development - Professional Edition: Configurable code generation via templates, configurable scaffolding via templates - RSA Edition: RSA UML to Spring extensions, Spring to RSA UML extensions Community Edition, the free, open source version of Skyway Builder, is available for download. The commercial editions of Skyway Builder are available for evaluation – pricing starts at $199. For more information and pricing, visit