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    Sometimes, we need to print a report on a printed blank paper. Such as invoice, bill, credential, etc. With common reporting tools, we need to measure every data area with a ruler, and design the report according to the sizes. In a practical case, it may need to debug the report for many times. Therefore, it will be very complicated and frustrated. Moreover, if the paper format changes, developers have to design the report again. Preformatted paper printing is also called locating printing, which means to print desired content at a specific position on paper precisely. This function is widely used in report print. RAQ Report adopts base image depicting to realize the preformatted paper printing. With RAQ Report, developers can scan needed paper into an image, and set it as the background picture of the report. Next, drag the gridlines of the report to match the picture. Then, the report will be printed on the preformatted paper precisely. For specifi operations, please refer to

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    Please also take a look at Windward Reports. It can send generated reports directly to the printer. With Windward you design your reports in Microsoft Office. That means you can easily match them to your preprinted forms. You don't have to take my word for it. Check out our robust Java reporting engine for yourself.