OpenWebBeans with Embeddable Aoache OpenEJB in Tomcat


News: OpenWebBeans with Embeddable Aoache OpenEJB in Tomcat

  1. This blog post shows how to use the Apache OpenWebBeans (implementation of the JSR-299 specification) within embeddable ejb container, Apache OpenEJB running in the Apache Tomcat. In this post, I would like to give a simple tutorial on how to use the OpenWebBeans Dependency Injection service in an embeddable EJB container (Apache OpenEJB within Apache Tomcat 6.X). This tutorial shows how to deploy and run sample web application that contains EJB beans and uses them via OpenWebBeans Injection Service. This is called an collapsed EAR in the new Java EE 6 specification. OpenEJB have already supporting the collapsed ear functionality long before Java EE 6. Blog Post Location :
  2. Gurkan, Good job. Glad to see you guys are making solid progress... Cheers, Reza ------------------------------- Author, EJB 3 in Action Expert Group Member, EJB 3.1 and Java EE 6 Resin EJB 3.1 Lite Container Implementer
  3. Hi Reza; Thanks a lot for your response. I look forward to read your article's next part :) Best Regards; --Gurkan
  4. Nice work, guys.