Migrating EJB application Jboss4.2 to WebSphere6.1


EJB programming & troubleshooting: Migrating EJB application Jboss4.2 to WebSphere6.1

  1. Hi All, I am migrating ejb application from jboss4.2 to WebSphere6.1.In one of my module I am getting deployment error. Plz help me to solve this problem. This is the error message. ADMA5008E: EJBDeploy failed on E:\IBM\profiles\AppSrv01\wstemp\wstemp\app_124a4d4004a\dpl\dpl_ied_association.ear: com.ibm.websphere.management.exception.AdminException: ADMA0063E: An error occurred in EJB deployment - [ejbModule/com/iadspnr/sponsor/EJSRemoteStatelessIADSponsorSessionBean_5efc82b2.java(854): Unreachable catch block for FinderException. This exception is never thrown from the try statement body] ADMA5011I: The cleanup of the temp directory for application ied_association is complete. ADMA5014E: The installation of application ied_association failed. Regards Datta
  2. Hi... It seems that there is something wrong with in one method of ur IADSponsorSessionBean class. Can you share the code of this so I can have a look at ?
  3. Hi.... I know there is an error in one of my method.But I want to know the meaning of the error.Please tell me how to solve it.
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    hi, what was the problem with your code? I'm having same problem.. migrating from weblogic to websphere.

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    So, how are we going to solve this error. Do you have a clear process? - JustFab