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News: Induction v1.3.0b released

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    The most compelling MVC framework for Java has raised the bar again. Induction v1.3.0b introduces support for powerful request interceptors and further expands the capabilities of the unrivaled power of its short URL resolvers. New features in this release: * Support for request interceptors. Request interceptors are backed by the same zero-configuration type-based dependency injection support currently available in Induction controllers. * The ShortURL resolvers are enhanced to support a new directive in the section of the Induction configuration. This directive allows a character in a URL that is not legal in a Java class name to be replaced with a character that is legal in a Java class. For example, this directive can be used to map a hypen in URL to, say, an underscore in a controller or views class name. Induction is the only MVC framework to date that supports mapping a hyphenated URL to a controller/view even when the mappings are established automatically via dynamic controller/view discovery (to the best of our knowledge). * Fixes 2 minor bugs in v1.2.0b (details of bug fixes on the downloads page). Also check out this recent article comparing Induction vs. Spring MVC.

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    The ideas of Induction just make sense. Improving on Spring can only be good! I like.
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    The ideas of Induction just make sense. Improving on Spring can only be good!

    I like.
    Denis, thanks for the feedback. IMHO I think Induction even in its young 1.3.0 version is a serious contender to Spring MVC, if not just plain better :) We love using Induction for projects both large and we will continue working to keep the bar high.
  4. One feature under consideration for the next release is integration with Google Guice (and possibly Spring IoC) as built-in model providers. Induction currently supports access to model objects managed by any technology (POJO, EJB, Guice, Spring, etc) via model factories. The integration will mean Induction access to model beans defined via Guice or Spring without explicit model factories specified in Induction. This feature if implemented will be optional to turn on. Would love to hear feedback from the community. Thanks, Adi