Introduction The IBM WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance is a new IBM hardware appliance that facilitates the creation and management of a private cloud environment. WebSphere CloudBurst patterns, which represent topology definitions for repeatable deployments that can be shared, play a key role in the creation of the private cloud. WebSphere CloudBurst contains several preloaded WebSphere Application Server patterns based on industry best practices. Not only does WebSphere CloudBurst provide these patterns to help you instantly build up virtual systems with different topologies, but it also enables you to customize your cloud to suit your business requirements. A range of customization techniques are possible. You can: * Customize the preloaded virtual images and patterns. * Configure the deployed WebSphere Application Server environment directly using the administrative console. * Define your own scripts to configure the deployed environment. These and other techniques were highlighted in Part 1 of this series. This article focuses on script packages and covers: * The format and composition of a typical script package. * How to upload a script package and manage it in the appliance. * How to associate a script package with a pattern. * How to transfer and run a script package in a virtual system. Read More on Using script packages for customizing above and beyond patterns .. Follow Us on Twitter @ WebSphereClouds..