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    hi I am seeking for a free control to make report, the report is relatively complex, it has multiple data sources, the report format needs to be flexible and easy to control, it can also realize the function of accepting the user input. I am a freshman at report making, could anyone give me some advice? introduce some report tools very easy to use, It would be better if it is free!

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  2. Free Excel-like Java Web Reporting Tool[ Go to top ]

    you can use RAQ Report to realize your aims easily. RAQ Report is a pure Java reporting tool with real Excel-like design style.RAQ Report offers the most flexible, high cost-efficiency and powerful business reporting solutions for companies big and small, and it can totally integrate with your application’s security, navigation and appearance. Excel-like Interface and Easy to Use: RAQ Report use the Excel-like design style, it’s comfortable for you to use; With it you can easily design a complex report contains both data and chart; The well-established learning series help you master the tool quickly. Pure Html Web Reporting: It offer Pure Html Report, no Need to install any plugin for your browser. RAQ Report can be seamlessly integrated with any Java/J2EE web application server, and fully deployed in hours, not days. Innovative Input Report & Fully Functional Reporting Tool: Unique Input Report makes you input data easily. The innovative reporting mathematical model of RAQ Report let you easily design cross-tab report, group report and other complex reports, and provide Adequate API Interface, Perfect Multi-DataSource Support, Well Designed Details, and offer functions like Import/Export Excel, Preformatted Paper Printing, flexible page breaking, frazing table header, batch printing etc.. Free and No Costs: With the Permanent Free Licensed Edition you may develop your business with zero cost, and even the Express Edition is in ever low price. Reliable Support Services: With our professional RAQ Report support team, we offer reliable Doc, Demo, Forum, Email Supporting, version upgrading and maintenance service. By take advantage of the freely available RAQ Report free edition, you may enjoy the zero cost reports development and analysis. It is not a trial edition but a fully functional reporting tool for report developers, and 100% satisfy your enterprise-level development demand, what’s more, it is entirely for free! The Express edition is with more functions and more optimized service than the free edition, or example multi-source database support. you can visit the official website: for more details, the best method to understand of this tool is to download the tool and try it yourself. This post is from freezea's blog. You are welcomed cc it anywhere, and please indicate the source. If you would like to read more articles about reporting tool, you are also welcome to refer to my blog.
  3. good ia idea
  4. Windward Reports[ Go to top ]

    Please take a look at Windward Reports. It provides a powerful, secure enterprise-level Java/J2EE reporting engine to back your critical reporting and document generation systems. The Windward Engine installs easily, runs on one or more servers as part of your server-based application, and can easily produce hundreds of thousands of reports per day on a single server. The server is a pure Java product (and also is available as pure .NET). Even better news for you: When combined with the Windward report design tools AutoTag and AutoTag Max, users design, schedule and run reports from within Microsoft Office. That means you can turn over reporting to the business group and get back to more interesting work. You don't have to take my word for it. Check out our robust Java reporting engine for yourself.