Compare the usabilities of RAQ Report and BIRT in Web printing


XML & Web services: Compare the usabilities of RAQ Report and BIRT in Web printing

  1. RAQ Report and BIRT are both free web reporting tools. With some detailed functions, we can compare the usabilities of them. As is well known, many web reports need to be printed after displaying and previewing. Then, for printing, many useful functions are needed. Such as scale adjustment, horizontal alignment, columns per page, print scaling, etc. RAQ Report allows direct printing for web report, and provides many visualization configurations. With them, users can print report on web with their desired formats easily. BIRT is an open source reporting tool. For the consideration of workload, it only provides indirect PDF printing. Then, it has to install PDF software at client-side. Moreover, it is almost impossible for users to realize customized requirements for printing. These disadvantages decrease the usability of BIRT greatly. What's more, the direct printing function sometimes can help users to realize some special printing requirements. For example, a company's annual detail report may have thousands of pages. Then, users of RAQ Report can realize batch printing, and this will save a lot of time and manpower. Compared with open source controls like BIRT, RAQ Report has many other advantages: 1. RAQ Report is a commercial product, so its quality and performance are better. 2. RAQ Report adapts Excel-like design style, so its expansion and alignment are easy to use. This can help end users a lot in report design. 3. RAQ Report can help users to design data input report without code. Users can submit data to database conveniently while displaying data. 4. RAQ Report has a professional technical team, and provides free user manual and technical support forum.

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