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    IxoraRMS is a tool for gathering and visualizing monitoring data. It was developed in Java and has a Swing GUI. I work in a performance lab and I needed a tool with the following characteristics:
    • quick to deploy
    • able to provide rich amounts of monitoring data
    • able to automatically update the customized data views when the topology changes
    • able to provide updates in almost real time
    • and able to customize the following aspects by writing none or very little code:
      • adding new monitoring agents
      • data visualization
      • adding complex reactions to trigger notifications and tuning/configuration advice
    I have been using the tool for a few years now (it was started in late 2003) and it proved very useful, especially as we tend to work with the latest pieces of technology which almost invariably come with the most basics of monitoring utilities. You can download the tool from ixorarms.com.

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  2. Looks very slick[ Go to top ]

    I have checked the project and it looks very professional; respect. I have a few questions: -How easy is it to create custom agents? -Can the measured information be persisted? -Is it possible to compare information (so comparing the performance of 2 different days) in a single graph? Peter Veentjer http://multiverse.googlecode.com
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    How easy is it to create custom agents?
    It is very easy to create custom agents that take data from a process output or a database(no coding required). You can also write simple Java code to feed data to a custom agent or write the agent from scratch using the development API. See the "Custom monitoring" section in the documentation for more details.
    Can the measured information be persisted?
    Yes, in a log file (XML format).
    Is it possible to compare information (so comparing the performance of 2 different days) in a single graph?
    Not yet, but other people have requested this feature so there is a bit of pressure to add it.
  4. Congratulations on open-sourcing your project! It is very rewarding to go from internal-only to a worldwide distribution. Best of luck! ________ MessAdmin, Java EE monitoring made easy
  5. Looks great![ Go to top ]

    wow, this really looks awesome for a first-release open-source project.. best of luck! /Ole eviware.com
  6. This tool is absolutely fantastic. I've been looking for something to help monitor systems while I load test them and this is just wonderful. It's going to save me a lot of time. Thank you for all the hard work and a great project. Do you have a paypal donation account?
  7. Oversight[ Go to top ]

    Do you have a paypal donation account? An unpardonable oversight which I quickly rectified :-)
  8. Wow ![ Go to top ]

    Really a great tool !!! Compliments !
  9. Agent list is excellent[ Go to top ]

    Congratulations on the announcement. The screen shots do a lot to show off IxoraRMS. It looks great. I will look into integrating IxoraRMS with PushToTest TestMaker. The first issue I see is Ixora's support of Swing. Yuck! We are migrating TestMaker to Ajax using Appcelerator Titanium, jQuery, and Extjs components. I will look at your code and see if there would be a modular way to provide IxoraRMS as a service with an Ajax front-end. The list of agents is excellent: AIX Apache HTTP Server DB2 File Monitor Host Availability HotspotJVM JBoss JMX JSR160 LDAP Linux Log File Monitor MySQL Oracle PostgreSQL Provider Host Service Availability SNMP Solaris SQLServer Sun Application Server Tomcat Web Application/URL Monitor Weblogic WebSphere Windows WMI -Frank Cohen http://www.pushtotest.com
  10. Changing the front end for IxoraRMS[ Go to top ]

    Thanks, The UI code is completely separated from the engine of the application. I kept in mind when I designed it that I or somebody else might want to add a web front end at some point in the future. The Swing UI code contains only UI logic and you can find it in this package: RMS/src/com/ixora/rms/ui. As for why Swing, see here Daniel http://ixorarms.com