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    I am a begginer of RAQ report, I have some questions about RAQ Report Functions. I am not familiar with the function provided in RAQ report, when making a report, I don't know which function to be used and the usage of the functions? cound anyone tell me how to learn the function quickly or how to get function help easily? Thanks
  2. RAQ Report has provided many powerful functions; you can look up for these functions’ instructions conveniently after the RAQ Report IDE is started. Next, this article will introduce two methods to look up in detail. Method 1: Look Up For It in the Documentation Open Report IDE > Help > User Manuals(M) > User Manual(U): Functions There are 7 sections to introduce these functions, users can know various functions according to different function categories. • Dataset Function • Cell Function • Date Time Function • Math Function • String Function • Data Type Conversion • Data Type Determining Method 2: Look up for function instructions in report IDE This method is more convenient for RAQ Report developers, who can check the usages and examples of each function while designing a report. Looking up for the function instructions could be realized in two path: Path 1: In the process of report designing, select a cell randomly, right-click it, you can see the Expression option on the shortcut menu, click it and you can see the Expression Editor,The function area is at the right side, they are arranged in alphabetical order and classified by functions, which can be looked up by inputting the first letter of referring to the specific function, and then you can see detailed descriptions by clicking the Help button. In this way, you can look up for the function instructions conveniently. We believe that it will help a lot. This post is from freezea's blog. You are welcomed cc it anywhere, and please indicate the source. If you would like to read more articles about reporting tool, you are also welcome to refer to my blog.