ATG Dynamo Receives SunTone Certification


News: ATG Dynamo Receives SunTone Certification

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    Sun and ATG today announced that ATG has received SunTone Program Certification and unprecedented benchmark results for the ATG Dynamo Platform running on Sun Enterprise 10000 servers. SunTone is a certification process identifying quality products that run on Sun Servers.

    Press Release:
    PALO ALTO, Calif., and CAMBRIDGE, Mass., April 18, 2001 -

    Sun Microsystems, Inc. and ATG (Art Technology Group, Inc.) today highlighted the advantage of their combined technology with ATG's receipt of SunTone(SM) Program Certification and unprecedented benchmark results for the ATG Dynamo(TM) e-Business Platform running on Sun Enterprise(TM) 10000 servers. This announcement comes as the two companies' combined technology advantage will be further progressed with an extended technology and global marketing alliance, announced today in a separate release (See also: Sun and ATG Strengthen Relationship with Strategic Global Alliance). Working together has earned them a reputation for delivering superb e-business functionality, performance and scalability to customers in retail, financial services and emerging
    markets like wireless.

    Achieving Recognition for Excellence

    To provide customers with a means for identifying high-quality sources for Web services and applications, Sun has established the SunTone Certification and Branding program. As a SunTone Certified application, ATG Dynamo conforms to the program's requirements for scalability,
    security and manageability.

    The strength and reliability of ATG Dynamo also has been recognized by Forrester Research, which placed the ATG Dynamo Commerce Suite 5.0 first among commerce platforms in its March 2001 Commerce Platform TechRankings.

    Performance and Scalability Put to the Test

    Together, ATG and Sun put their solution to the test to demonstrate the inherent scalability and strength of ATG Dynamo running on Sun systems.
    The scalability tests were designed as a complex, fully dynamic, personalized e-commerce Web application producing up to 582 pages per second or more than 50 million pages per day while scaling linearly as processing power was added to the deployment. This result was achieved on a realistic site using a complex combination of the features ATG offers in its ATG Dynamo Commerce Suite. The results of the "ATG Dynamo and Sun Scalability Report" show that high-performance is not compromised as advanced features and incremental processing power are added to meet the needs of a growing customer base and evolving business environment. Other performance tests show even faster results with simpler sites.

    "These results support the benefits of ATG Dynamo that we have seen in our joint customer implementations in the past," said Doug Kaewert, vice president, Sun Developer Network Group, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "ATG Dynamo, running on Sun Enterprise servers, has again demonstrated impressive scalability and high performance that businesses demand."

    Results similar to those of the laboratory simulation have been experienced in business environments by many of ATG and Sun's joint customers, including Sony Online Entertainment. Since its launch in 1997, membership on the Sony site has grown to more than 4 million users. To meet this need, ATG Dynamo has scaled on Sun servers to support as many as 150,000 concurrent users and more than 16 million hits per day.

    "Sony exemplifies the importance of the scalability ATG and Sun have achieved both in laboratory and active business environments," said Joe Chung, co-founder and CTO of ATG. "We provide the e-business foundation that enables our customers to grow their e-businesses to profitability
    by scaling to meet their needs every step of the way."

    With more than 650 joint customers on the Solaris(TM) Operating Environment, technology alignment is important. ATG has committed to developing customer management applications on the Java(TM) platform and embracing open, industry standards. Standards like Java(TM) technology
    provide for increased scalability and ease of deployment across multiple device types like wireless. With Sun's support, ATG continues to develop e-business applications for next-generation solutions, including development of wireless applications based on Sun's Java(TM) 2 platform,
    Micro Edition (J2ME(TM)) technology.

  2. Really awesome !
  3. Yes, this is great news. I think it's about time that ATG was recognized along with BEA and IBM as one of the top tier application server vendors, as anyone who has used their product surely knows.
  4. Does ATG Dynamo act as a TP Monitor in this test ?

    thanks in advance.