Computer Associates announces Athena J2EE Management tool beta


News: Computer Associates announces Athena J2EE Management tool beta

  1. Computer Associates today announced the beta availability of Athena, a tool intended for managing the health and performance of complex, large-scale applications based on EJB/J2EE. This would be the first EJB/J2EE management tool available. CA's website does not mention if Athena is based on JMX.

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    Press Release:

    ISLANDIA, N.Y., April 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA), today announced the beta availability of powerful new eBusiness Infrastructure Management solution for Java. Code-named Athena, the solution addresses one of the most significant challenges facing IT departments today: managing the health and performance of complex, large-scale eBusiness applications based on Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) technology.

    EJB poses this challenge because the overall health and performance of such applications depends on a variety of parameters associated with the various application components (or "Beans") and how they interact with each other. Conventional application monitoring tools are not able to provide the granularity of reporting necessary to pinpoint potential or active performance bottlenecks at the Bean level.

    The performance of these applications is critical for the companies that deploy them, because they support critical eBusiness operations -- including interactions and transactions with customers, suppliers and other business partners. Athena is designed to help IT administrators manage application service levels while decreasing the operational overhead of ensuring performance and availability of EJB components and J2EE-compliant application servers like BEA WebLogic, IBM Websphere and Silverstream.

    "Managing the health and performance of eBusiness applications is a major challenge for most IT professionals," said Trevor Kemp, vice president, network and Internet management, CA. "Unfortunately, most management solutions are not designed for the multi-tier, Web-centric environments, including J2EE and .NET, that our customers are building. CA's Athena, however, enables organizations to effectively monitor not only their J2EE application servers, but also the health and performance of the underlying EJB application business logic."

    Key Athena features include:

    -- Advanced EJB Performance Management. EJBs are the heart of today's Java applications because they contain the business logic that handles
    each eBusiness process component. Athena tests all of these business logic components in real time to ensure that the application is meeting performance standards and delivering valid information.

    -- Complete Application Server Monitoring. Athena provides comprehensive real-time monitoring of the availability and performance of J2EE-compliant Web servers. By monitoring all critical functional parameters, Athena ensures 7x24 health of these popular Web applications platforms.

    -- Low Administrative Overhead. Athena automatically discovers and maps out business logic components and application process flows. By providing clear visualization of end-to-end eBusiness processes and generating simple, concise reports, CA's Athena is uniquely able to reduce the person-hours necessary to maintain Java application performance.

    To participate in the beta program or receive additional information, please visit:

    About Computer Associates
    Computer Associates International, Inc. (NYSE: CA) delivers The Software That Manages eBusiness. CA's world-class solutions address all aspects of eBusiness process management, information management, and infrastructure management in six focus areas: enterprise management, security, storage, eBusiness transformation and integration, portal and knowledge management, and predictive analysis and visualization. Founded in 1976, CA serves organizations in more than 100 countries, including 99 percent of the Fortune 500 companies. For more information, please visit

  2. Precise/Indepth is a newly-released J2EE performance management tool providing drill-down analysis and correlation of servlets, JSPs, EJBs, and JDBC requests.

  3. I have used Borland AppCenter 4 and I knew it is the
    FIRST EJBs/CORBA distributed management.