Mule Data Integrator released for graphical data transformation


News: Mule Data Integrator released for graphical data transformation

  1. MuleSoft has released a new product, Mule Data Integrator. Mule Data Integrator is free for developers to use and includes an Eclipse-based designer that is fully integrated with Mule IDE. One of the biggest challenges in implementing SOA is figuring out how to handle the data. Data can exist in relational databases and in various file formats (XML, delimited, fixed record length, binary, etc. with platform-specific encoding). It can be loosely structured (like email or reports), in legacy formats (COBOL), or even represented as a Java object. Mule Data Integrator is a data transformation tool that allows you to easily transform your data from one format to another while passing through the Mule ESB. To maintain loose coupling in a service-oriented architecture, a service should never expose its internal data structures. A service needs to define a contract that includes the public view of the data and then map the internal structure definition to the definition in that external contract. Traditionally, developers have been forced to address this problem by writing custom Java code or XSLT stylesheets to transform data into the correct format. With Mule Data Integrator, you can graphically define the transformation map between the internal and public view and then execute the map at runtime from within Mule ESB. Mule Data Integrator also supports one-to-many data transformation. For example, if a new text data file is placed up on the bus, Mule Data Integrator can transform it into multiple representations, allowing you to simultaneously write it to a database and pass it on as XML to be processed by another service. To learn more about Mule Data Integrator, or to download the free graphical designer, visit You can also read the Getting Started documentation here. Message was edited by:

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    This looks very cool and has come at just the right time for my company's product. With regards to price the website states: "Mule Data Integrator is licensed for free and unlimited use in development and pre-production, at no charge to the user. For production use, Mule Data Integrator is offered by subscription only, with three production support tiers (Silver, Gold, and Platinum)." In my company's case we would like to use a tool like this to help us map our customer data sources in to Java for processing. We would be using this tool against our customer's existing data sources during the integration phase of the project and then we would like to use the mappings at regular intervals at runtime in order to pull data in to our product for processing. Does this sound feasible? Also, that sounds like a scenario that would be 'free' given the above statement, do you agree? Thanks in advance.
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    Christopher, The GUI tool allows one to edit and create complex mappings. The mappings are then compiled for performance and executed in runtime. GUI part is not needed at this point, just the mappings. I don't think this runtime would qualify for development free license (unless it's a dev, qa or similar server), but you can check with sales to be sure.
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    Reminds me of Altova's MapForce which does produce royalty free code. If you're not worried about having a UI you might think about Smooks.