Compare usability of RAQ Report and BIRT in expression operator


Performance and scalability: Compare usability of RAQ Report and BIRT in expression operator

  1. Both RAQ Report and BIRT are free web reporting tools. With some detailed functions, we can compare the usabilities of them. In web report, it often needs to do some related calculations to the fields read from database before displaying them. Therefore, reporting tools should provides operators for users to build expressions. Such as value calculation operator, logic calculation operator, and comparison calculation operator, etc. For the convenience of report designers, RAQ Report provides a complete set of expression operators with detailed descriptions. However, as an open source reporting tool, BIRT can't provide enough expression operators. Moreover, as BIRT can't provide official detailed help document, it is difficult for users to use. Take the In operator for an example. RAQ Report provides it for users to check whether a variable is in a set. In the help document, it has a detailed description. For another example, as Java reporting tools, RAQ Report and BIRT both provide the % operator to calculate remainder. However, there is no related explanation in BIRT's expression editor and document. While RAQ Report's detailed description in documentation can help users a lot. Then, we can find that the operator descriptions provided by RAQ Report are very convenient for users.

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    i'm totally agree with you RAQ Report is really good enough to meet my daily requirements people should give it a try