Hello Guys, Through a WSDL I generated the stubs and various artifacts using Axi2/ant and worked well. The ant script makes available a file. Jar. Then I get this file, put it in a project which only has libs, add it in the classpath and legal ... is ready to be used in miha business layer. In fact, I can instantiate and use the class that makes the request to the webservice, the response and in fact all that is within. Jar, however, when I deploy and try to utilize it in application ... I get the following error below: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: br/com/jupicangas/roteamento/agenda/ConsultarOrdensRequest Looking over the error, it makes me understand that. Jar was not copied to the EAR that has been generated ... but on the contrary .. it is inside of. EAR. I am running the application on Weblogic 9.2. Is there any way to debug it more efficiently? only because I get this error in the console and server log application. But the question is about the same oq ue I doing wrong that I can not find the class, but I know it's there. Regads,