In real business, the access control of web application program can be very complex. Some projects even require access control to all the controls on the page. Take an input report for an example, most items can be inputted by employees, while some special items can only be inputted by managers, and users should be allowed to define these special items easily. Then, do developers have to write lots of codes to realize them? Of course not! Now, you can use RAQ Report to realize complex access control easily. As a free commercial product, it can realize these requirements with only a few simple expressions. RAQ Report is not only a wonderful reporting tool, but also provides a lot functions which users do not need to code themselves. With it, developers can solve all the common problems in web programming easily. Such as drop-down list, automation computation, automatic sequential number, real-time data validity check, and batch operations, etc. Moreover, general functions, like importing Excel/PDF/Word, printing, page scrolling, and image uploading, have been encapsulated in it. Users of RAQ Report can define the Editable expression of the cell. For complex access control, they only need to pass user ID or role ID to input report as an input parameter. Users only need to input “userId=’manager’? in the Editable Expression box. Compared with those open source controls which can be downloaded from Internet, RAQ Report has many advantages: 1. RAQ Report is a free commercial product, so its quality and performance are reliable. While those open source controls for downloading are generally developed by programming enthusiasts, so no one can guarantee its quality and performance. If something wrong happens, it is difficult to be solved. 2. RAQSOFT Inc. is in charge of maintaining and updating RAQ Report. But for open source controls, it is impossible to ask the developers to modify them according to your requirements. If you want to modify them by yourself, the workload may be huge. 3. RAQ Report is a commercial product which is unified designed, developed and tested, so you can develop a whole application project with it. However, if you use many open source controls in the application project, it may be very unstable. 4. RAQ Report has a graphical design interface, and it can increase the efficiency of web data maintain and input greatly. RAQ Report---Enjoy Products and Services of RAQSOFT