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    Facebook became the number one social networking site with over 250 million users after providing developers APIs for creating their own applications on top of the platform. As a result 3rd parties have created everything from online games to business networking tools. In the book “Essential Facebook Development: Build Successful Applications for the Facebook Platform� promise to help you get started in new world. One of the biggest challenges is not the technology, but rather how to create an application that rises above the noise level in this very crowded space. Towards this end, Maven and Cappy explain the key aspects of success by pointing out why some applications fail while others succeed. One of the things that separates this book from others are the three chapters at the end on measuring application success, spreading and monetizing applications, and improving application performance and workflow. The book covers a number of technical issues such as using Facebook Markup Language, and XFBML, a variant for coding Facebook apps that run on your website using Facebook Connect. There is also considerable coverage of Java Script, and how to use the technologies built into the Facebook platform to creates apps with a smoother look and feel using AJAX. You can see more about the book and here:

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    Not to be a troll... but how did this end up on TSS? -B
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    Very easily, you can develop facebook apps using java/grails, etc... Either way, for the last few years now TSS agreed to post not only java content. Java itself is not that interesting, but rather fits in the context of other application development, which might include different languages/platforms. Ilya
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    Ok, I'll buy that. You'll have to forgive me, I honestly didn't know you could build FB apps in Java (I could probably be though of a one who stereotypes: FB=FlashBook). Thanks! -B
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    I think you can add many applications on facebook through java and PHP techniques....All the very best for them... Thanks, Bryan Prenatal depression symptoms
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    Well I also don't know about applicatio of Facebook.

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