In the real application of web report business, data input may be very complex. According to this condition, it is very important to provide data validity check. When inputted data is found illegal, there should be a prompt message box to remind users. For illegal data, users can have 3 choices: 1. Submit data without remaining check. 2. Modify data before submitting again. 3. Ignore current invadity check, and continue other check. These requirements are common in web input report business, because sometimes data validity check is only used to warm users, but not to prevent users from submitting data. For example, users may need to submit data no matter what invalid data error comes out. At the same time, these requirements are fussy and frustrated. Do users have to realize the function by programming? No, with RAQ Report, users can realize this complex function easily. RAQ Report is a professional Web-based reporting tool pays a lot of attention to users’ requirement. Therefore, users can solve all the common problems in web report easily with RAQ Report without writing program. Such as radio button for single choice or multiple choices, drop-down list, automation computation, automation sequential number, data validity check, and batch operations, etc. Compared with open source control can be downloaded from Internet, RAQ Report has many advantages: 1. RAQ Report is a commercial product, so the quality and performance is better. While open source controls are only developed by programming enthusiast, so no one can guarantee its qualiti and performance. 2. The company RAQSOFT will maintain and updata RAQ Report. But for open source controls, it is impossible to ask the makers to modify for you. If you want to modify them by yourself, the workload may be huge. 3. RAQ Report is designed and developed congruously, so you can develop a application project with it. However, if you use many open source controls in a project, the application may be very unstable. 4. RAQ Report has a graphical design interface, and it can increase the efficiency of web data maintain and input greatly.