Background For many reporting softwares, in order to accelerate operation speed, inputted decimal fractions will be set as double precision by default. However, in real business of web report, users sometimes need high precision computation of decimal fractions. For example, in a financial report, when computing (5588.4 + 288.4)* 0.7, if we input “(5588.4 + 288.4)* 0.7″ in the cell, the operation result of the reporting tool is 4113.75999, while the precise result is 4113.76. How to solve it? Solution RAQ Report is a professional Java Web-based reporting tool. With the function decimal() of RAQ Report, it’s very easy to solve the problem. Users just need to write the expression: (decimal(’5588.4′) +decimal(’288.4′))* decimal(’0.7′) in the cell. Then, users can get the precise result.