Row input report of RAQ Report provides a functional button to delete the whole row, but this button can only be displayed in the tool bar. However, for the convenience of operation, some users need to display the delete button directly in the report. This article is to introduce the way of inserting "Delete Current Row" button into the report. Step 1: Select an existing row input report. Step 2: Implement adding button by HTML. Note: The HTML code is < input name="click1" type=?button" style="width:70;height:30" value="Delete" onClick="shanchu(this)" >. Step 3: Release the report and view the effect: Now you can delete the row by the button immediately following the data, and don't have to find the little button on the tool bar. Remarks: The js script of deleting current row referenced in the jsp file is as follows. < script language="JavaScript"> function shanchu(btn){ var cell=btn.parentElement; report1.currCell=cell;// get the focus of current trigged cell _deleteRow(report1); // call the js function of deleting row in row report } < /script>