In the face of financial crisis, project manager of software development project will also face the test: how to save the cost through innovation? In fact, the simplest method is close at hand: choose the development control with less code and easier to study and use. For a long time, many software development teams adopt SSH(struts�spring�hibernate) web development framework. Now it’s time to reevaluate such a choice. SSH framework is relatively complex and enormous, is there a kind of web control which can change the B/S networking program development in java to the C/S graphical programming just like in VB, or even less codes than in VB? Let's look at a typical development project-Project A. The target of this project is to develop an enterprise management information system(MIS) based on web pages and data in JAVA, most of the pages provides the CRUD operations(add, delete, update, select) . If implementing this project in general project pattern, it is necessary to let graphic designers to design the HTML for each page, let system architect to choose suitable structures to built the basic framework for application program, let ask java performance optimization engineer to construct performance controls in underlying structure… As a team leader, even though you have enough time and considerable budget to deal with all of these, the programmers in the team have to spend a lot of time to study these frameworks, and prepare to cope with various complex problems during project maintenance phase… Actually, you have a better choice: let a free web control -- RAQ Report deal with the problems of implementation! Just think, if project members keep their minds on discussing business requirements with end users, finding out what data to access, thinking of how to design the data tables, how to do data validation, how to display and inquiry data in database, then implement these requirements and functions quickly by "RAQ Report". What a wonderful scene for project leader, programmers and end-users! Moreover, if end-users bring forward the request of adding a more complicated Chinese style report in the later period of project A, RAQ Report will make the performance nicely complemented for report is the strong point of RAQ Report! Speaking of that, you can’t help asking: for project A, can a free web control "RAQ Report" implement project functions with no code? Take a look at the following example, please note that, the effects in these examples are designed in the graphical designer, and there is no need to write complex java code. The following examples are just part of samples suitable for project development in RAQ Report; you can visit the official website: for more details, the best method to understand of this tool is to download the tool and try it yourself.