I am trying to create an MP3 Cutter that will take a full mp3 and cut it to a N second long clip. I have a lot of mp3's to cut, so doing it by hand with some of the pre-existing software I've found so far isn't viable. What I have so far is posted at http://pastebin.com/d26fa4607 for readability. I am running into a javax.media.NoProcessorException Exception in thread "main" javax.media.NoProcessorException: Cannot find a Processor for: C:\Users\mlikesit\Documents\a_mp3\100.mp… at javax.media.Manager.createProcessorForCo… at javax.media.Manager.createProcessor(Mana… at com.yooglimusic.scraper.playlistdotcom.M… at com.yooglimusic.scraper.playlistdotcom.M… I've downloaded the JMF library (jmf.jar) and the mp3 extension (mp3plugin.jar) and they are both in my classpath in eclipse, so I'm not sure why it can't find a processor. Any help would be greatly appreciated.