Smart GWT 2.0 has just been released. Here's the release announcement : Showcase Demo : Key features of this release :
  • GWT 2.0 support
  • New Enterprise Blue theme and improved Enterprise Gray theme
  • Drop-in upgrade with no upgrade cost or migration effort
  • Multi-Column sort support
  • Grid Row Expansion support for
    • memo rows
    • detail views
    • nested editable form
    • nested editable grid (useful for representing 1-many relationships)
    • any custom embedded component
  • Collection of standard Window icons, picker icons and transfer buttons as part of every theme
  • Improved Showcase demo with ability to search for samples by keyword. Added several new samples
  • Various other enhancements like Date field masks, improved IE 8 and Safari strict mode support. See the release notes for details
Feel free to provide feedback or suggestions. Thanks!