Impala 1.0 RC2 contains a mixture of feature enhancements and bug fixes, most notably: * support for builds using Maven. * simplifications to the default project structure, making it more intuitive and Maven-friendly. * a dynamic properties namespace, making it easier to support properties which can be injected and dynamically updated without requiring module or application reloads. * further refinements to the mechanisms for supporting multi-module web applications. * initial support for Spring 3.0. Impala is a dynamic module framework for Java enterprise application development, building on the Spring framework. Impala is the simple and TDD-friendly way to bring dynamic modularity into Java applications, making it possible to build large, complex applications which are simple to test and productive to develop. With Impala you can dynamically add, update and remove parts of a running application, even without user intervention, dramatically reducing build/deploy/test cycles. Impala remains true to Spring's original premise of simplicity by not requiring any additional third party tooling or runtime environment support. For more information on this release see: