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    OpenESB has released a new version of GlassFish ESB. The aim of the OpenESB project is to create a platform for Business Integration, Enterprise Application Integration, and SOA. OpenESB is completely standards based and provides many options for interoperability with other systems. The new version is v2.2 and includes three additional components (a REST binding component, a POJO service engine, and an email binding component), bug fixes, and an updated runtime and design time (GlassFish v2.1.1 and NetBeans 6.7.1 respectively). Commercial support on GlassFish ESB is available from Sun Microsystems (Sun GlassFish Enterprise Service Bus). Coinciding with the v2.2 release, Sun has released two add-on packs for GlassFish ESB. These packs contain additional components for human workflow, mainframe integration, healthcare integration, and management and monitoring. The new release of GlassFish ESB can be downloaded from the OpenESB downloads page. Message was edited by: staff

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    GlassFish ESB components no longer available. Now you see Premium and Healthcare packs via SUN sales! Is this the new SUN by Oracle? Really bad practice to offer open source software then change it later to fee base.
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    Nothing has been taken away. All components are still there.
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    Just going to echo Frank's remark. The GlassFish ESB components are all still there. Just visit the website. There are other ESBs in the market, but GlassFish is still very competitive and the support is good.