The WebSphere eXtreme Scale REST data service is an interface to eXtreme Scale which implements the Open Data Protocol (OData), which is essentially a REST interface to a variety of different data sources. Both Microsoft WCF Data Services (formerly known as ADO.NET Data Services) clients and RESTful clients such as PHP and AJAX can take advantage of the service. Microsoft WCF Data Services clients can use the rich tooling built into Visual Studio 2008 SP1 for building and integrating applications with the data service. Since the transport is based on REST, any application that can participate in a REST conversation is a potential client to the data source. In the case of the eXtreme Scale REST data service, the data source is an eXtreme Scale data grid taking advantage of the highly scalable and highly available properties of the grid. This release marks the first fully supported version of the functionality, and it's inclusion with WebSphere eXtreme Scale v7.0.0.0. The WebSphere eXtreme Scale REST data service interface offers some powerful functionality: * Microsoft WCF Data Services client library compatibility - Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SP1 can be used to build applications using C#, Visual Basic and C++ programming languages on Windows and Silverlight platforms. * Standard web technology support such as HTTP, Atom Publishing Protocol (AtomPub) and JSON - Allows a wide variety of client platforms to interact with the REST data service, such as PHP. * Support for popular Java EE web servers such as: IBM WebSphere Application Server, Websphere Application Server Community Edition and Apache Tomcat * Common data access operations - Create, Read, Update, Merge, Delete and Query operation support provide the basics for interacting with the eXtreme Scale grid. * Batch support - Clients can update and retrieve data from the REST data service using a single remote procedure call to the REST data service, allowing multiple requests to participate in a single transaction. * Partition support for entity relationships - The REST data service can realize the full scalability of the eXtreme Scale grid by partitioning the data and using key relationships between entities to identify partitionable schema root entities. * The REST data service schema is modeled using EntityManager API entities - Entities are automatically mapped to a Entity Data Model (EDMX) allowing relationships and Java to EDM type mapping. Check out the download page and wiki for more information: Announcement Page Trial Download Page Informational Wiki Rob and Billy talking about the framework in the eXtreme Scale Podcast Step by Step Getting Started Video Follow us on Twitter @WebSphereXTP