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    The book is a comprehensive guide to the release 5.X of the application server (upgraded to changes introduced by the release 5.1 of the AS). As author of a JBoss tutorial portal MasterTheBoss Portal ,the book follows a tutorial-based approach starting with simple examples, which are enriched in the following chapters as new topics are introduced. The aim of the book is to kick-start your productivity and help you to master JBoss AS development. By the end of the book, you will have the confidence to apply all the newest programming techniques to your JBoss applications. More details on the packt pub site http://www.packtpub.com/jboss-as-5-development/book where a free chapter about JBoss AS and Hibernate can be downloaded: Free Chapter Feedbacks are welcome! Regards Francesco Marchioni

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    I've just completed reading the book (in just 4 days!).It was really a pleasure to read this book as all chapters are clear and even if they discuss about techical things it's not boring at all.The author seems to whisper every JBoss recipe in the simplest way possible. I liked in particular the Application Server configuration and upgrades (with the 5.x release), the Web Service chapter and also clustering is explained in a fool proof style :-) Highly recommended! Eric