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    Hello everyone,
    We currently have Symantec VisualCafe 3.x (yes before it was sold to WebGain) .
    This version set up is jdk1.1.7b. We would like to upgrade to jdk1.3.
    We have played around with the set up environment but have not been successful.

    Has anybody tried changing the jdk in VisualCafe 3.x to jdk1.3?
    Has anybody talked to VisualCafe support about this?

    I have scanned the WebGain FAQ for potential answer to this issue but found nothing.
    Your help will be greatly appreciated!!!

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    I would suggest that you upgrade to VC 4.1 as it comes with JDK 1.3 but if you don't want to go this route you can try to add an new JVM under the menu option "Tools", "Environment Options", tab "Virtual Machines", click on the "New" button.

    I have never done this but I would imagine you should be able to add a different JVM than what comes with VC 3.1.

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    There is a provision to debug remote applications in VisualCafe 3.x. They suggest to use this feature to debug applications using JDK 1.2 or 1.3. Look under Project->Debug in waiting VM