After releasing an input report made in RAQ Report to web page, it will generate an submitting button on the toolbar automatically. Then, if users click this button, it will submit data directly without prompt. However, some web report users may wish that a prompt box will appear after clicking the submitting button, and users can decide whether to submit data by clicking Ok or Cancel. With this prompt box, users can avoid incorrect manipulations. Next, we will learn how to make a prompt box for data submitting in input report. General idea: 1. Prompt box must be realized with Javascript. Therefore, we need to write lines of javascript codes and insert them into the JSP used for releasing the report. 2. Add a button in toolbar for the new function. As there is a default submitting button in the report already, it will be repeated if we add a new button here. Therefore, we need to shield the default submitting button or modify the Javascript function called by the default submitting button. According to the general idea, the operations are as follows. Step 1: Modify toolbar.jsp, and add custom javascript codes. Open toolbar.jsp(It is an independent JSP file used to save function button codes, and it is called in showReport.jsp which is used for displaying report. By modifying it, we can modify the tool bar in web page.), and add custom javascript codes for the prompt box as shown below: < script language=?javascript?> function firm()//The name of the submitted function. { if(confirm(?Save??))//Use the return value of the prompt box(true or false) { //If it is true, call _submitTable( report1 ) to submit data. _submitTable( report1 ); return true; } else { //Else, cancel. alert(?You click cancel, and it will return to the web page.?); return false; } } < /script> With this easy piece of codes, we realize the prompt box. Next, we only need to modify the button to call this piece of codes. If we need other prompt boxes, the operations are all the same. Step 2: Set the codes of submitting button as shown below: Find the codes of submitting button in toolbar.jsp. < a href=?#? onClick=?_submitTable( report1 );return false;?>< %=submitImage%>< /a> By default, submitting hyperlink is triggered by a defined image submitImage. When submitting, it will activate the build-in javascript in RAQ Report. Now, we need to modify this line of codes to call the custom javascript codes written in step 1 as shown below: < a href=?#? onClick=?firm()?>< %=submitImage%>< /a> Then, after modifying the JSP file, the input report with prompt box for submitting data is shown below: [img][/img] With this method, we can use prompt box for data submitting in input report. This will make web report users convenient to submit data to database, and avoid error operation.